Eldercare exists for very simple reasons. We want elderly care solutions to be affordable and effective. We understand your pain points and aspire to alleviate your concerns through the use of smart home technology. Our system helps monitor your loved one’s wellbeing and alert you when certain events happen. (e.g elderly press on distress button, smoke detected, elderly visits the toilet and elderly is awake). This keeps you in the loop of what’s happening to your loved ones. Even in the event that an unfortunate event has happened (e.g elderly falls and needs more intimate care), we got you covered. you are entitled to 2 hours of free home care for elderly. All these services provided for you just at the price of only $26 a month.

Family members at work might have constant fears that elderly at home might slip and fall, or suffer from a heart attack. Watch how Mdm Ng used Koblehome’s Smart Elder Care solution to alleviate her concerns when she is at work.

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