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For Your Loved Ones

Koble understands that parents need to devote time to work and at the same time care for dependents (Parents and children). Allow our intelligent system to share the task of taking care of your loved ones. This will lighten the burdens on your shoulder. Beyond this care, Koblehome also provides unprecedented convenience for your loved ones, allowing them to achieve efficiency even at home.

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Enhanced Safety Protection

For Your Parents

Around 30% of all adults aged 65 and above fall every year, making falls the number one cause of injury death among the elderly. According to the Health Promotion Board, falls may be caused by environmental factors such as uneven, slippery surfaces and poor bathroom designs. In the event of a fall, response time to seek medical aid is crucial. With our wearable emergency contact button, the elderly is able to send an SOS to loved ones with just a click of a button.

Forgetfulness is common amongst elderly and this can be dangerous when they have forgotten that they are cooking. According to SCDF fire statistics for 2016, 20% of residential fires were attributed to unattended cooking. This can be prevented using our gas and smoke detector. When there is a gas leakage or excessive smoke is detected, you will instantly receive a notification and can act on it immediately.

For Your Children

Worried about how your kid is taken care of at home? Remotely monitor them from your workplace using our WiFi enabled camera. Our camera provides 2-way communication too. This means that your loved one is able to hear your voice through the camera and in return, it gives them a stronger sense of security.

With our intelligent door lock, you can now give access to your children using their fingerprint. You no longer need to worry about them losing their keys. On top of that, if your door lock is tampered, you will be notified immediately.

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