With so many different brands, wireless protocols and voice control platforms out in the market, the first step of understanding and choosing the right smart home devices for your family may be arduous. Some of the questions when you consider a smart home are:

– What are the differences between each wireless protocols?

– Which smart hub AKA “Brain” should I choose?

– Is this smart device compatible with this smart hub?

Before you embark on your smart home journey, getting professional advice on a smart home set up is extremely important. The team that supports you should have the expertise and experience to provide quality advice, work closely with your interior designers to plan & build and even after installation, provide after sales support and warranty coverage.

Koble Smart Home Solution Provider

Koble believes in designing a smart home that brings unprecedented convenience and comfort for every individual. We seek to improve homeowners’ lives by personalising a smart home solution according to your lifestyle. To ensure the amalgamation of our smart home solution with your home design, we work together with your interior designers to create your dream home.

How Koble works with your Interior Designers

Step 1: Understanding your lifestyle

Once you express your smart home interest to us, our friendly and experienced Koble designers will schedule a free consultation to find out more about your lifestyle and family needs. Some key points include:

– Understanding your daily routines and automate them to saving you small pockets of time for greater things

– Addressing your special considerations such as babies, children or elderlies at home

– Including your security requirements for greater peace of mind when you’re away

Koble designer then creates a personalised smart home proposal for you that aims to create unprecedented convenience and comfort at home.

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Step 2: Liaising with your interior designers

Koble designer then liaises with your interior designers to include Koble smart home solution as part of your home design. This includes accurately communicating the positions of the smart devices, dimensions of smart roller blinds and curtains and electrical wiring planning with the electricians.

Step 3: Installation of smart home devices

Throughout the renovation process, Koble designer will remain in close contact with your interior designer to ensure smooth delivery of your dream smart home. Our professional technicians will also conduct installation of the smart home devices and quality check.

Step 4: Onsite configuration and tutorial

Upon finishing the renovation, Koble designer will configure your smart home system according to your requirements. The handover is only complete after our Koble designer guide you step by step on how to use the smart home system. Fret not if you have questions after the handover. Simply call or text our Koble designers to clarify any doubts!

Koble Partners

Koble has collaborated with Interior Designers in Singapore to showcase our smart home solution. Our partners have extensive knowledge on Koble smart home solution through our training sessions.
Haven’t decided on your Interior Designer or already started on renovation?! Leave us a message and experience the magic of our smart home solution today!

Koble Partners
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