Integrate and remotely control your electrical appliances, monitor your home with our smart security protection devices and track your energy usage.

Easy Set-Up
Simply insert the WiFi-enabled gateway into a power plug. No cables required

Control & Monitor on your Smart Phone
Our easy-to-use app guides you to connect your smart devices with simple instructions. Remotely control and monitor your house. Pack your home into your phone with up to 30 devices

Scene Control
Allows multiple smart devices to perform actions simultaneously.
Bedtime Scene – Turn off the bedroom and toilet lights, turn on air-conditioner simultaneously with voice control or a tap on your smartphone.

Instruct smart devices to perform actions at a specific time period.
Schedule water boiler – Automatically switch on water boiler at 6 am.

If This Then That
Create automation rules for different smart devices to work together.
Night toilet break – Automatically switch on kitchen toilet lights when motion detected in the living room.

Combining the Features together
Create the rules according to your lifestyle.
Morning Scene – Automatically switch on living room lights and water boiler at 6 am in the morning. Upon detection of movement in the living room, switch on the fan.