Are you getting your BTO or intending to renovate your house? Thinking about getting a smart home but doesn’t know how to start? We share your thoughts. As we witness a flourishing scene within the IoT space, Singaporean homeowners are keen to be participants in this technology endeavour of upgrading to an intelligent home. In a consumer insights survey conducted by Koble in 2018, 66% of Singaporeans indicated that they are interested to have a smart home. However, the actual adoption rate is low. We investigated further and found out that “privacy & security”, “fear of products incompatibility” and “lack of after sales support” are the top 3 reasons why smart home penetration is low in Singapore. These concerns are simply hard to resolve if you are unfamiliar with the technology. Hence the best option is to consult an end-to-end smart home solution provider which is able to personalize your smart home based on your needs and would even include interior design service.

What are the 3 benefits of smart home automation?

3 Greatest Advantages of Smart Home Automation

How Koble provides a complete smart home solution

Koble carries a wide range of products that include;
1. Smart Security Device
2. Smart Appliances
3. Smart Environment Monitoring Sensors
4. Smart Lighting

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Products & Services

These devices are the outcome of research spanning over 12 years. They have been awarded numerous international awards such as Germany Red Dot and Huawei Best Home Security Award. With our strong niche in IoT system and product development, we have partnered with Interior Designers islandwide to offer you comprehensive smart home solution that fits perfectly into your modern home.

1. Personalisation

Every family will have a unique requirement for their ideal smart home and concerns may vary. For instance, the needs of a family with children would be different from one with elderlies. Koble seeks to understand every detail and after which propose a solution to the homeowner. Think about how your life at home can be more convenient and comfortable. For example, schedule your air-con to switch off automatically in the morning. Press one single button to switch on lights and fan when you’re home in the evening.

2. Design & Build

Koble works with a pool of interior design partners who have the flair to make your dream home come true. Our interior design partners will incorporate your smart home needs into your new home. After which, we will be at every step of the way to ensure that you are familiar with your new smart home set up. This includes a FREE consultation before you embark on your smart home journey and a face-to-face tutorial on how the system works!

3. After Sales Service

Beyond providing warranty coverage, Koble is your lifelong smart home planner and advisor. As your family grows and your lifestyle changes, Koble will be there to advise you on how you can alter your system to fit your evolving needs with our modular smart home solution. Simply drop us a message and we’ll be there!

If you are already half way through your renovation, fear not! Express your interest and we will connect with your interior designers/contractors. Before you know it, you are all set to move into your new smart home!

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