Living alone at home isn’t a problem for the young and healthy. However, for the elderly, the danger of them staying at home alone without additional care can be dangerous. Family members at work might have constant fears of the elderly slipping and falling down or suffering a heart attack. While children can take active steps to mitigate the dangers that elderly faces at home, the life-saving factor lies in the reliability and robustness of emergency and notification system so that caregivers or family members can react within the shortest time possible.

Smart SOS button to get quick and easy access to help

With about 30% of all adults aged 65 and above making falls every year, accidental fall is the number one cause of injury death among the elderly. According to the Health Promotion Board, falls may be caused by environmental factors such as uneven, slippery surfaces and poor bathroom designs. In the event of a fall, the response time to seek medical aid is crucial. With our small, wearable emergency contact button, the elderly are able to send an SOS to loved ones with just a click of a button.

Remote monitoring for assurance

Upon receiving notification of the SOS message, the caregivers or homeowner may access live video streaming via the Intelligent Network Camera at home to check on the well-being of the elderly.

Environmental sensors to detect and alert

Forgetfulness is common amongst the elderly and this can be dangerous when they have forgotten that they are cooking. According to SCDF fire statistics for 2016, 20% of residential fires were attributed to unattended cooking. This can be prevented by using a gas and smoke detector. When there is a gas leakage or excessive smoke is detected at home, a notification will be sent to the homeowner instantly for him to act on.

Smart Door Lock for keyless access

Losing and forgetting the door key is also one common problem families faced, much less elderly. With a smart door lock that can be unlocked using fingerprint, pin code, access card or key, elderly no longer need to carry the keys out. Koble’s smart door lock even allows you to unlock it using your phone and track its log history online.

Appliance control for convenience and comfort

Rheumatism and other chronic pains are some of the health issues that the elderly face. The inflammation and pain in joints and muscles often prevent them from moving around easily at home. However, by using a smart socket or other smart devices, the elderly can remotely control and automate the electrical appliances without having to walk around. Boiling the water automatically in the morning or switching on the fan with a tap on their smartphone, tablet or even voice control brings much comfort in their daily lives.

Smart Appliances Control

Koble’s Smart Home Solution

When used together, Koble’s smart home system provides a holistic solution for families. Our highly modular smart home solution also caters to different needs and lifestyle for different families. The smart devices can be monitored online for battery level and log history, ensuring that you are always connected to your home and elder parents. Contact us today to find out more!

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