A smart home is one that allows you to control and automate your home through 2 main means: using voice control and a smart home app on your smartphone, tablet or other network devices.
Under one centralised app, the Internet of Things (devices that are interconnected through digital networks) comes together as one smart home system. Your devices can be controlled remotely through the app, and they can be automated using rules that you create according to your daily routine and preferences. This brings unprecedented comfort and convenience to your daily lives at home, on top of improved security and energy efficiency.

How does Koble’s smart home works?

When a command is given to your smart home using voice control or app control, the command is passed on to the brain of the smart home (Control Hub or Gateway). The Gateway then relays the command from one smart device to another via Zigbee (a mesh network), and ultimately to the intended device which will then perform the action command.


In Koble’s smart home, existing lightings can be made smart by changing the switch to a smart switch that can receive such commands from the Gateway. This smart switch can then switch your lights on or off for you upon your voice command or a tap on your app.
Home automation is achieved by pre-configuring rules for your smart devices.

For example, a rule can be to:

“Turn on toilet lights when motion is detected in kitchen between 2 am to 6 am”
This creates unprecedented convenience and an efficient home experience.

Why should you upgrade to a smart home?

A smart home is designed for comfort and convenience. A centralised & automated control system creates a time & energy efficient living area.

Essentially, one is connected to your smart home from anywhere with an internet connection. Some examples of how you may benefit from a smart home include:

I. Switching off kitchen lights while remaining in bed;
II. Turning on your air-conditioner before you reach home; and
III. Shutting down your house with a single tap or using voice command.

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Benefits of a Smart Home

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